Instant Screenshots. Instant Sharing.
Say goodbye to the print-screen button! Take screenshots (or as we like to call them 'stors') of your desktop in two clicks. We do the rest of the work for you. Forget copying and pasting images from your clipboard, fighting with image uploading sites, and over-complicated FTP setups. 4stor is here to make your life simple, and we do just that.
See what 4STOR can do, in a minute-thirty.
Your own online gallery. To keep.
Keep your stors locked away in your own private gallery. Access your gallery from anywhere online with a simple login. Stors can be starred, renamed, edited online, downloaded, and even manually deleted right from the gallery. Every stor on the network is saved forever, we won't ever delete your content unless you want to! It gets better - your gallery will keep every stor you've taken since your first click-and-drag. Your gallery is yours to keep.
Your stors. They're worldwide.
After the release of your mouse, your stor is instantly uploaded to our network for instant viewing and sharing. Milliseconds later its pushed out to our world-wide delivery network. Your stor is always accessible, and always ready to be viewed from anywhere in the world at lightning fast speeds. We're not joking when we say 4stor is instant sharing.